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Want to join a high performance team, while getting access to the world's best business training and having the opportunity to impact & empower people?

YESA & Grant Cardone Canada
We are in the process of expansion and are looking for the best of the best – committed salespeople, social media experts, marketing strategists, account managers; people interested in opportunities to help others while also hungry to elevate their own game.

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YESA is the Official Licensee for Grant Cardone In Canada
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Why Do You Want to Join Cardone Canada?

IMPORTANT: All positions are based out of our head office in Port Moody, BC. No remote opportunities are available. 

What is YESA & Grant Cardone Canada?

YESA is the world's first earn while you learn sales academy! It offers a revolutionary approach to accelerate your potential with a combination of business training, personal development, and paid real-world experience. 
YESA is the official licensee for Grant Cardone in Canada. 

Grant Cardone Canada is a world class sales training and education company that is committed to transforming salespeople and businesses across the country. Through our various training platforms (Cardone Sales Academy & Cardone On Demand) we train sales teams across the country to become more confident, more skilled and more competent at their roles. 

Benefits of Working with YESA & Cardone Canada

Working with YESA & Grant Cardone Canada comes with a number of benefits. Here are just a few: 
  • High Earning Potential: competitive salaries, strong commission structures and on-going bonuses and rewards.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: comprehensive benefits package that includes healthcare, dental & paramedical.
  • Free Access to World Class Training: full access to Cardone Academy with training on sales, marketing, leadership, etc. 
  • ​Paid Training & Development Trips: paid trips to Miami and Orlando to attend various training seminars and events.
  • On-going Development & Mentorship: receive close mentorship and guidance to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Positive Performance Culture: work with a dedicated, ethical and high performing team. 
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Insight on personal and professional transformation our team members have experienced.
The Atmosphere
Discover the culture and atmosphere that makes YESA & Grant Cardone Canada an organization like no other.
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Who Is Grant Cardone?
  • Internationally renowned business and sales expert. Named the number-one sales trainer in the world
  • ​Creator of Cardone Academy, the premier online sales training tool in the world
  • ​A dynamic, highly sought after, international speaker, coach and consultant.
  • ​Real estate investor and founder of Cardone Capital with a $1.8 billion real estate portfolio
  • I​nternational social media influencer with over 10,000,000 followers
  • ​Contributing writer for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, and more!
  • ​Author of seven sales and business books & 21 best-selling business programs

For over 35 years Grant Cardone has been providing business training and consulting to some of the largest organizations in the world.

Grant is an internationally renowned business and sales expert. Named the #1 sales trainer in the world and one of the top “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch” by Forbes.

A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

 What Does YESA stand for? 

YESA stands for Young Entrepreneurs Sales Academy 

 What is YESA?

YESA is an education company first and foremost; we train, educate and develop the sales and business leaders of tomorrow. YESA is also a sales company whereby we secure contracts with third party organizations and build a market approach and sales team for them. YESA is the official franchisee for Grant Cardone in Canada. 

 What does Grant Cardone Canada sell?

Grant Cardone Canada sells a variety of products and services to business and individuals across the country. The main service we sell is an online sales and business training platform called Cardone Sales Academy & Cardone On Demand. We also sell tickets to live events and workshops, as well as physical products such as books, apparel and accessories.

 Where is Grant Cardone Canada based?

Grant Cardone Canada's head office is based in Suter Brook in Port Moody, BC. Our 2500 sq/ft office is on the 6th floor with an amazing view of the mountains. 

 What positions are available?

As our company continues to grow we will be hiring for a variety of positions; sales, account management, marketing, operations and finance. Apply for your specific expertise. 

 Will I have to travel? 

Some local travel may be involved with your position and for certain positions travel to various locations within the US will be required for training purposes. 

 What will I learn working with YESA? 

You will be learning a large variety of material as you begin and progress your way through the on-going training with us. A few such topics include selling basics, understanding the buyer, negotiating and closing, public speaking, professional attire, self-promotion and marketing, leadership and management and many more. 

 Do you offer benefits? 

Yes, our organization offers a comprehensive benefits package which becomes available to you after your probationary period. 
Pick a Winning Team! Apply to Work At Cardone Canada Today! 

Here is The Enrollment Process

  • Complete and submit the application.
  • ​You will be contacted to send in your resume and 60 second selfie video.
  • ​​If qualified you will be contacted by a Cardone Canada team member for an interview.
  • ​Succeed in our interview process & background check. 
  • ​Officially join our team and get on-boarded.
  • ​Complete new hire training.
  • ​Begin your new role with us!
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